One-Day Racing Course is back in July

Asian single seater powerhouse Asia Racing Team will organise a One-Day Racing Course on July 28th at the Zhuhai International Circuit, South China.

This is a great opportunity to take the first steps towards racing for real. The participants’ abilities will be pushed to their limits. Whether you’re an absolute beginner with thirst for motorsport, a track day enthusiast seeking to perfect your technique, a competitor wanting to sharpen your skills or just a passionate for driving, this is ideal course.

This course will familiarize students with a fundamental understanding of the Formula Renault 2.0 and upon graduation will be able to return and participate in open practice sessions.

Applications are open to male and female drivers at least 16 years old.

The ART Motorsports Racing School is the only formal driver training course recognized by both the Hong Kong Automobile Association (HKAA) and the Associação Geral Automóvel Macau-China (AAMC). Members of both associations will enjoy a 10% discount.

Bookings & Information (+86) 756 339 48 11 or


height – 1.50m to 1.87m,

weight – less than 95 kg,

shoes size – less than EU45.

Pakelo and Asia Racing Team Renew Partnership

Italian high performance lubricants Pakelo Lubricants announced today that it has renewed its contract with Asia Racing Racing, the 2013 GT Asia Series champion team, reaffirming its position as the ‘Technical Partner of Asia Racing Team.’ 

Pakelo successfully works in the racing sector, studying and developing high-performance, innovative lubricants that guarantee maximum efficiency and rapid substitution times, thanks to the use of superior quality base oils and additives, excellent solutions, latest-generation technologies, and a cutting-edge, forward-looking vision of the future.

Marking the fourth year of its partnership with Asia Racing Team, Pakelo will provide their technical support for the team’s racing cars and to the only racing school recognized by both Hong Kong Automobile Association (HKAA) and Associação Geral Automóvel de Macau-China (AAMC).

Pakelo has been designated as the official racing team lubricants for the 2014 season, and the Pakelo logo will continue to feature on team signage and other promotional material. 

Brutus Tang, Area Manager of Pakelo lubricants, and Director of Token Asia Company Limited, the sole Pakelo authorized distributor in Hong Kong and Macau, had this to say about the recent contract renewal: “It’s only natural that we partner with an Asian winning outfit like Asia Racing Team. This relationship is based on a shared passion for innovation and a relentless desire to stay ahead of the competition. Our partnership with Asia Racing Team has been very effective for Asian promotion of the Pakelo brand and we are confident that through this partnership Pakelo will continue to reach out a discerning clientele in China and Southeast Asia.” 

Asia Racing Team’s Team Manager, Philippe Descombes, also commented on the partnership renewal: “We are delighted to announce the continuation of our relationship with Pakelo, who are one of our longest-standing partners, having first joined us in 2011. Since then we have built up such a close alliance, which is due to our mutual understanding of the nature of the particular environments we operate in. We know the people of Pakelo Lubricants are making our racecars more competitive with their premier lubricants solutions.”


2014 Asia Racing Team and JR Motorsports partnership takes off

Asia Racing Team (ART 车队) has officially started the 2014 cooperation with JR Motorsports Club (JRM嘉锐腾达车队), a Beijing based motor racing club that has been involved in several forms of racing in People’s Republic of China and abroad, with two days practice at the Zhuhai International Circuit.

ART Racing School provides a focused programme of professional race driving courses tailored to meet any driver’s specific goals. It came without surprise that JR Motorsports Club selected Zhuhai International Circuit ART Headquarters as "JR Motorsports Training Centre" (JR珠海训练基地).

Beijing drivers Zhou Fan, Steve Yin, Jacky Wu, He Lian Xing Zhong, Yu Zhao and Miracle Shang clocked up their first testing miles in their former Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. Testing allowed the JR Motorsports drivers to work hand in hand with ART race engineers and technicians for the very first time. Taking the cars through vigorous testing, they delivered crucial data whilst exploring controlled limits to their new machines.

At the same time last year JR Motorsports/Just Racing Team China GT Tour-Championnat de France des Circuits FFSA drivers Li Chao, Felix Yi, and Li Xue Fong were joined by "One-Day Intensive Course" participant Zhu Jing Yan, at the wheel of the ART Formula Renault 2.0 cars.

Philippe Descombes, Team Manager of Asia Racing Team said: "This innovative partnership with JR Motorsports Club embodies a longstanding ambition: the creation of a platform to introduce real racing to car racing enthusiasts in China. It carries both opportunities for the Racing School in Zhuhai and the development of new drivers in China."

Pakelo Lubricants and Asia Racing Team Extend Partnership Agreement

Asia Racing Team and Italian high performance lubricants Pakelo Lubricants are pleased to announce the extension of their current technical agreement for a third consecutive year.

Pakelo has been a technical partner of Asia Racing Team since 2011. The high performance lubricants company partnership with the Macau-born Zhuhai-based racing team has proved to be a powerful hospitality and brand awareness motorsport platform in People’s Republic of China and Southeast Asia, covering all of the Pakelo’s core markets in the region.

Pakelo will provide their technical support for the team’s team racing cars and the only racing school recognized by both Hong Kong Automobile Association (HKAA) and Associação Geral Automóvel de Macau-China (AAMC). Pakelo’s sponsor logo will also appear in the team’s formula and GT racing cars and will also feature on the drivers’ helmets and overalls.

Brutus Tang, Director of Token Asia Company, the sole Pakelo authorized distributor in Hong Kong and Macau, commented; “We are excited to continue our partnership with Asia Racing Team, a dynamic and ambitious China-based racing team that shares our values and is a perfect fit for Pakelo in China and Southeast Asia. Motor racing demands the best and expects excellence passion and discipline are the shared values and principles that drive both partners towards delivering new and innovative solutions.”

Philippe Descombes, Team Manager of the Asia Racing Team, added; “It’s great that Pakelo have decided to keep their involvement with the team and this new agreement demonstrates the success of our partnership to date. 2013 will prove very exciting for both Asia Racing Team and Pakelo and we’ll see Pakelo products and advertising in the most popular racetracks across Asia.”



AutoInc Racing Formula Renault Drive Experience


AutoInc’s Motorsports division led a team of petrol-heads to the Zhuhai International Circuit, China for the Formula Renault single-seater drive on 28 May 2012. A 3-day experience, 7 drivers took turns on 3 available formula cars around the ZIC under perfect weather.


ART Motorsports Racing School Team Manager, Phillipe Descombes and Driver Coach, Rodolfo Avila were instructors to the 7 drivers. Motor racing multi-titlist Frenchman, Phillipe manages the overall operation at ART. With many years of experience in the motorsports trade, Phillipe is well-known to be a dedicated towards motorsports. Driver Coach Rodolfo was a British F3 and International Formula Master racer. Some of the titles under his belt are 2003 Asian Formula Renault Champion and 2008 Asian Supercar Challenge.


The professional race instructors took time to orientate the drivers making sure everyone felt at ease with the powerful driving machines. “I especially enjoyed the orientation when we were showed the cockpit, functions and how to operate the car. Rodolfo’s detailed explanation was very helpful; I felt less nervous towards a car that I have never seen before!” AutoInc Racing driver Thaddeus Lee said about the premiere racing school. “Following the orientation, we were given a 45-minute briefing session that included safety (most important!), up and down shift, driving etiquette, track study and braking points.”


AutoInc Racing drivers Amin Noorzilan and Thaddeus Lee could not wait to jump into the cars for their first experience in a Formula car. Fellow Singapore Karting Championship Junior Racer, Ryan Chng also joined the boys. With support from mechanics and instructors, the three boys were strapped down in their cars, ready to take the drive of their lives.


The 30 minute driving session saw the instructors studying each of the three drivers’ situation and the mechanics were buzzing to and from the pitlane  reading laptimes and signaling drivers. The young trio drove into pitlane a couple of times separately receiving tips before hitting the track once more.


After every driving session, a de-briefing session followed. “The instructor reads my telemetry pointing out areas for improvements, especially braking and accelerating points.”  Amin relayed.


The same was repeated with every driver.


Before SKC sponsor and Eurosports Lotus’ spokesperson, Mr KC Chong jumped into his last drive session of the trip, he exclaimed “Thanks for organizing this trip, an awesome experience for petrol-heads like myself!”


And while waiting for his turn to drive, our young drivers shared:


Thaddeus Lee - “I am a fan of Formula One and this driving experience blew my mind. I did not expect the drive to be so fun! An entire new experience to me! Although driving knowledge can be brought over from karting to Formula Renault, driving a single-seater is different as you need to drive smooth and be careful of the sudden weight transfer, it also requires much more concentration as there is a lot more to think about, like gear shifting for instance.”


Amin Noorzilan – “The single-seater is obviously very different from kart because the former has suspension and downforce whereas the latter is a direct drive. I always thought that the car’s steering will be much heavier but to my surprise, it is actually very sensitive and light. This was my first time in a manual car, it felt so good. After this one-seater experience, my respect for my favorite Formula One driver, Kimi Raikkonen has heightened!”


Cadet Champion at the SKC 2012 Round 1 and AutoInc Racing Driver, Javier Chng was part of the team in ZIC although he was not there to drive. Due to the minimum height requirement, the young driver was not eligible for the drive experience but managed to get his first Formula Renault experience in a 2-seater ‘taxi ride’ by team manager Phillipe. Descombes.



Prepared by AutoInc Sports

Pakelo renews partnership with Asia Racing Team

The Asia Racing Team is pleased to announce that Token Asia Company and Pakelo Motor Oil have renewed their technical partnership agreement with the team, thus becoming official team partners for the 2012 season.

Pakelo will still supply all lubricants for the team’s racing team and racing school cars including engine and gearbox oils and brake fluid. In 2012, Asia Racing Team will be racing in GT Asia Series, Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, Formula Pilota China and AFR Series. The team will also reinforce its Racing School activities at the Zhuhai International Circuit, where it runs the only Racing School officially recognized by both Hong Kong Automobile Association (HKAA) and Associação Geral Automóvel de Macau-China (AAMC).

Commenting on the new agreement, Philippe Descombes, the Team Manager of Asia Racing Team said: "We are delighted to extend our agreement with Token Asia Company and we look forward to working with Pakelo on the development of marketing programmes in the region. We appreciate their continued commitment to Asia Racing Team and the sport as a whole. We have high hopes for the 2012 season and we look forward to success for the team on the track and success for Pakelo and its great lubricants."

Brutus Tang, Director of Token Asia Company, the sole authorized distributor for the region said: “Renewing the collaboration reinforces our support and commitment to the Asia Racing Team and the motor sports industry in China as a whole. This technical partnership between the Asia Racing Team and Pakelo has proven to be one of the most potent and creative relationships we have ever had in sport in this region.”

Successful Training Course Completed

In cooperation with Eurohaus Pte Ltd, from Singapore, Asia Racing Team successfully organized a One-Day Basic Course at the Zhuhai International Circuit.

This focused training day allowed the ten participants to explore the limits of Asia Racing Team’s Formula Renault 2.0 performance and discover the extent of their driving skills.

The lead on the course was Asia Racing Team permanent Coach and Macau racing star, Rodolfo Avila, who treated all 10 as though they were professional racing drivers, and at the end of the week described them as "a credit to themselves and the sport", he went on to say "I have been extremely impressed by the attitude and professionalism of all 10 participants".

Team Manager Philippe Descombes also mentioned "the course went according the plan. The participants had the chance to learn the left foot braking technique, gear shifting and the proper corner tackling. Everybody had the chance to do several laps around the circuit with particularity that there were no major incidents."

In the end of the day the ten valiant participants – Colin Chow, Brendan Lai, Randall Ng, Richard Ong, Caleb Woo, Cheng Eng Tan, Paul Chan, Wai Yew Kwan, Alan Chen Fong and Ravi Ramakrishnan - and a few guests had the opportunity to experience a ride on the only 2-Seater Formula Renault car in Asia.

“It was truly an awesome experience and it has piqued my desire to drive the open wheelers on more occasions if possible”, said Ravi Ramakrishnan. Alan Fong added, “for me, it was once a lifetime to participate such an event [don’t forget I’m 66]. I have gone to Sepang three times. Yet this is the best value for my money, though I have to travel more than 2,000 km by air, boat and car”. 

In the end of the day the satisfaction was among the participants. Paul Chan said “ART people are super professional and committed. I like the place and their attitude. Great hospitality too. Course has the right amount of theory and practice. Safety is a priority and they never push people to do things that exceed their ability.”

After an exhausting but exhilarating day, look out for them all on the racetrack, now and in the future.

The ART Motorsports Racing School is the only formal driver training course recognized by both the Hong Kong Automobile Association (HKAA) and the Associação Geral Automóvel Macau-China (AAMC).

Racing School: ART launch new experiences

Asia Racing Teams launching new products to expand its line of racing experiences in 2011.

Located at the heart of Zhuhai International Circuit, Asia Racing Team benefits from direct access to some of the best racing facilities in China. To the Asia’s one and only Formula Renault Two-Seater experience, Asia Racing Team will start to provide unique Porsche Taxi ride experiences.

You will have the opportunity to feel your heart pounding when a pro driver speeds up and navigates you through the sharp bends of Zhuhai with the powerful ART Porsche 997 GT3 Cup (ex-Porsche Carrera Cup Asia). If you want to try both (Formula car and Porsche), Asia Racing Team has the package for you as well.



 January 2018 

Next Races:


- AFR Series

Circuit Hero R1

- ZIC Pan Delta Super Racing Festival